Friday, October 28, 2011

FM over the weekend

The cheap FM radio set is blaring on the shelf as I write this. It would not be there if my cousin who is working on some electronic circuit wanted some Malayalam music. I have nothing against that except that I hate the RJ. I hate every RJ on Malayalam stations, not that I have anything against them personally. It is just that their idiocy gets on my nerves.

The topic of discussion is the F1 Race to be held in India. A call comes and the RJ asks if such races with a high amount of life-risk should be held in India. The caller is an idiot who says, "Such races are necessary, but such dangerous sports should not be held." What is that supposed to mean!!? Well I could assume that he is  misinformed about F1 races or that he doesn't have a clue about the elaborate safety measures that are put in place.

But what makes my jaw drop is the RJ's conclusion, "Right, so we should conduct it with a speed limit on the cars." What is the whole point of the sport then? What is she going to say next? That the maximum runs in cricket should be limited to 200 runs? Or that the number of goals in football be limited to 5? True, they have to speak without long pauses in between sentences, but such stupidity is intolerable. Of course, it is also true that RJs need to be extroverted people. But does that mean that they have to be idiotic extroverts?

The tagline of the FM tops it all, 'Entertainment with a little food for thought!'
True, true.

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