Friday, October 28, 2011

I Have A Voice

I've been on blogger for some years now. Apart from a technical blog I maintain, I've blogged on a couple of blogs maintained by friends. All that time, I had thought of a blog to express my views on the things I see and hear and feel. But I was stuck deep in self-doubt. To go by the old adage, I was 'afraid of my own shadow'. But I found friends who love my opinion on things and Linda Goodman convinced me that 'not even Solomon in all his wisdom could not top a Libran's final judgement'. The result is what you see... my thoughts... unplugged...

They may seem abnormal, eccentric, downright crazy. There was a time when I dreaded hearing such a comment from my elders and later, my peers. Now, I just don't care. Whether anyone likes it or not, this blog is here to stay! Unless of course, I decide otherwise which will not be because of anyone's opinion but my own.

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