Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Crazy Day!

Yes, it was a crazy day! First I went for an interview to Sutherland Global. I hated the atmosphere there from the very start. The whole of it was air-conditioned. But the temperatures were set so low, I was almost shivering. Then I was asked to write an essay, which I guess, was fine, because I was called in by the HR manager next. I hated her the moment I saw her. She was what one may call a beautiful chick but well all that shines is not gold. First of all she, was looking at me with a patronising look, as if she was a lot better than me and she was doing me a favour by talking to me. Next she looked at me credentials and looked shocked in a mocking sort of way. I was almost going to swear at her, when I restrained myself. After sometime I looked at her in a mocking sort of way. I guess she didn't like that. She dumped me into one of the likely boring jobs I guess. Haven't heard of the results...

Next I got a call on the phone. Someone from Delhi was at the other end. He said he represented some company and that he wanted me to do a job on a contract basis. The job was I guess was piece of cake. I had to replace the anti-virus programs in the branches of SBI and SBT in the Thrissur district, for Rs.350 per day. I guess that is what you call easy money.

And then I got a call from one of old flames, whom I never proposed. In the end we got talking about old times, and how I didn't propose to her and all that stuff. In the end we got a bit nostalgic and began thinking of how it would have been if I had had the guts to propose to her. Well I guess to err is human..

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