Friday, November 11, 2011


All the four years that I spent in college, I was under the impression that the world did not want educated people, they wanted employable people. In other words, people who knew how things worked and how things should be, and more importantly, could be done. Now I realise, the world hasn't changed a bit. People still look for something that discerns an individual from the other, and the most easily available data is their mark-lists.

However, is it really so? Every job requires a specific skill set and no individual being the same, it is strange how a panel of recruiters judge if a person is right for the job or not. When Infosys came over to my college for recruitment, their first step of elimination was based on marks and the first thing I noticed was that most of the brilliant programmers in the batch were eliminated. The people they selected for the aptitude test were those who could not write a simple 'Hello World' program in C(which they had studied), let alone other languages. Those who cleared the aptitude test were then automatically selected.

Does that mean that they didn't want programmers? I was told that those with marks lower than the cut-off were probably lazy and so they didn't want them. But can laziness explain the lower marks? There could be several reasons which they were not inclined to examine. Is it surprising then, that these 'chosen ones' have to study day and night to complete projects that would have taken those rejected, days or maybe only hours to complete? Is it not obvious, why such 'chosen ones' resign within a couple of years and sometimes, even months?

Such people then make a hue and cry over unemployment, along with those brilliant programmers, who remain unemployed because they were rejected by MNCs and hence are considered useless. 

Such social injustice goes overlooked in a country like India, where marks are the ultimate way of judging an individual's competence. Rarely does anyone come out of this whirlpool that sucks competent people to the very bottom. Those that come out are then worshipped like gods. That does not mean that the rest of the society will allow anyone else to follow their footsteps. The day this scenario changes, mankind will see a new era, but then, who likes to change, eh?

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