Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BSNL Helpline?

A call to the BSNL Broadband Helpline(1504)



ME: I want to complain about my broadband connection, it has been out of order for
      about two months

EXECUTIVE: I see.., you will have to report it to the JTO. This is the
          Trivandrum office. Where are you from?

(Trivandrum? That is something, isn't it?)

ME: I am from Thrissur.

EXECUTIVE: Okay, then I will give you the Thrissur Enquiry no. You can call
                         them and get the phone no. of the JTO of your Exchange. The number
                         is 0487-2421245

ME: Thank you.

(I call the number he gave me.)

ME: Hello, Thrissur Enquiry?

EXECUTIVE: What.. Who.. ummm?

ME: umm, I need the phone no. of the JTO of Alagappanagar exchange

EXECUTIVE: Oh, let me see....

(I wait for an eternity)

EXECUTIVE: Do you know who it is?

(I am flabbergasted. Did I say something offensive?)

ME: I don't know... I just want the phone no. I don't know who it is.(Does it matter?)

EXECUTIVE:Oh, I see... Let me look...

(I wait for another eternity..)

EXECUTIVE: Take down these nos.. 2751163 and 2752640

ME: You see, I called the 2nd no., but no one is picking up...

EXECUTIVE: (Angrily)Did you take down the nos? Well,I am at Thrissur, so I
                          wouldn't know why no one is attending,the calls and I can't do anything
                          about it. Just keep on trying,someone will pick up.

(I keep calling the number he gave me. After one hour, I give up my desire to repair my broadband connection)

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