Thursday, April 12, 2012

Inferiority Complex

An extreme lack of achievement at the age of 23 is something that you can never compensate. People begin to think that you were just a lazy dud with a serious lack of ambition. Most people respond to this in the way Rajiv Lakshman of MTV Roadies and Splitsvilla fame, once described, "Some people just spit on the achievements of others. That is easy! But they forget that they are down here while those achievers are up there..." True, true

My best friend called me to say he was promoted, after three and a half months on a job. He was a correspondent of an electronics magazine and now he is one of the editors. Cool, eh? Not for me though, because I just got a job. Life's little ironies, I'm so proud of him while at the same time absolutely depressed that I have done nothing to be proud of. I heard Julius Caesar wept at Alexander the Great's tomb because Caesar felt he had achieved nothing at Alexander's age.

Well, it's impossible to compare their achievements, which I believe is the case with my friend and me. My mind refuses to accept that brilliantly valid argument. The mind is vagabond who makes others feel that they are the vagabonds. Dear mind,  .._. ___!! 

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