Thursday, May 24, 2012


As I sit at one corner of a long table with my colleagues sitting around the table, I begin to wonder, what do they think of me? What am I to them? A colleague? A friend? A programmer? A techie? Is it something totally different? Is it due to lack of imagination that I am unable to think of other things that they think of me? Some people tell me it is not necessary to know what others think of you because it really does not matter. The question is, is it really possible? Is it a good idea to remain completely unaware of the impression one creates on others? How does one shape one's personality into a good one without determining the reactions and impressions of others?

It seems to be true that you cannot please everyone in the world but what about a small group? Is it possible or not to impress a small group of very like-minded individuals as oneself? If someone dislikes us, is it a flaw in our personality or theirs? Is it because we don't have acceptable behaviour or because that someone is not broad-minded enough to accept our behaviour unconditionally? Is it necessary for social acceptance to make great impression on that group? Is having a good impression the first step to being remembered forever? Isn't being remembered forever equivalent to immortality?

It brings us to another question, is it really necessary to be remembered forever? What is it that would make our life worth living? 

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