Tuesday, July 24, 2012

These Girls....

I have never understood girls. Never understood why they behave in the silly way they do. There are so many cliches with girls. Having observed girls and their behavior for some years now, I think I have been able to delineate some common types of girls:

1. The School Girl
                     She has no memory of having completed high school or college. She keeps giggling during a conversation for apparently no reason. She will giggle if a guy passes a comment on her. She will giggle if a guy looks at her. She will giggle if a guy just walks past her. Hell, she will start giggling if she sees a guy at the horizon. She will laugh loudly and uncontrollably at the lamest jokes. The easiest to impress if you've got a good sense of humor and a way of talking non-stop.

2. The name's Bond, Jane Bond
                     Her classic starting line is, "If you tell anyone else, I'll kill you!". It can also be her ending line. She talks only in whispers and every few seconds gives a furtive glance in either direction. You would begin to think she was going to talk about planting a nuclear bomb in the White House or kidnap the Queen of The United Kingdom

3. The Super-Model
                    This particular class is quite new and ubiquitous after the advent of Social Media. They take a photo every hour, delete every alternate photo and upload a new profile picture everyday.  Within half an hour, the photo gets 150 likes and 75 comments which are always one of the following: 'looking nice', 'beautiful', 'naaaaice' and *sigh* -'cho chweeeet'

4.The Brat
               She is rich, and flaunts it. Her food must come from KFC/Domino's/McD or a five-star restaurant else she will refuse to eat. No matter what her hair looks like to you, that is the latest style and cost her about 1000 bucks. Her clothes are designer, even if there is hardly any cloth in the dress. She cannot go out without her sunglasses covering her mascara covered eyelids, and a think layer of lip gloss and powder compact.

5.The Interrogator
               She never answers anything. You ask her a question, she asks you back a question, which will usually start with "Why?" or "What for?". Trying to elicit any other kind of response would be totally impossible even with Sodium Amytal.
6.The Damsel in Distress
               Guys will have met her at some point in life. She always has a problem she want you to hear, not necessarily to solve. She is super-sweet to you, she fawns on you, her pupils are always dilated when talking to you and when she comes to you, she always breathes heavily. You might think she loves you, until she does the same thing to the next guy which will most probably be your best friend and then the vicious circle will continue.

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