Saturday, November 23, 2013

ODing on the Internet

    Do you habitually open a couple of links every time you open you browser more out of force of habit rather than a need to use the sites themselves? Well I do, and I may very much be ODing on the Internet. As a web developer it is my job to surf the internet and find new cool stuff done by other developers, to check out technology and tools that make my job easier, network with other developers, find out how they work, find solutions to common problems, stuff like that. I am not complaining, I love to get new info, and I would definitely love to help take the Web to the next level. Unfortunately as I learned, over the past few months, the Internet has started to become boring, at least for me.

    Is it because the stuff is not cool as it used to be? No, no, no, the web is cooler than ever. In fact, I spent the better part of my day playing the HTML5 version of Mario that I found on GitHub, re-living many a fond memory. The amount of information on the Internet also keeps increasing exponentially and I love to read about all kinds of new info. However a lot of the information that goes into the system is about tinsel town. Who wore what, who kissed whom, who married whom, who cheated on their spouse.... you get the idea. Then you have the bashers, people whose sole motive on the Internet is to crusade against one individual or organization. It is interesting at first, but then after a while, after you see the sheer volume of such people, it gets boring. You start to wonder why these people even bother, since it does not affect them in the long run. People are so hell bent on changing the world, that they forget what they are themselves, and how to improve their own condition.

    As a person who was a great fan of social networks, I can tell, most social networks are boring after a while. There is nothing new. Lots of cats, hoaxes, pompous people posting their photos, humble-brags, it irritates me to even think of it. Amazingly, we are so steeped into social networks that entire areas of the Internet are simply overlooked. No, I am not talking about Wikipedia. I used to read random articles of Wikipedia, as a hobby.  But that is not really helping either. I am now like this ship adrift on the Ocean of the Internet. It is lonely and boring.

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